Judgement – The minds worst enemy.

The days we stress over somebody cutting us up in traffic, the Sunday drivers holding us up when we have somewhere important to go. What about the slow cashier at the super market holding everybody up in the long queue, you’ve only got a pint of milk. All these people going out their way to upset your day with their annoying little traits. Finally you get home put your feet up and reflect on the day you’ve had, while a running commentary of how stressful your day was chatters away in your mind, then a big sigh of relief. 

Now, why would YOU ruin your day like that? That’s right I said YOU. 

Let me explain what it really is that stresses us out in these kind of circumstances. 

YOUR JUDGEMENT, the running commentary our minds create on these circumstances and situations, which encourage the negative feelings, thoughts and emotions. These in turn become habitual and automated responses to trivial and petty circumstances which furthermore become negative, inconceivable habits.

How I hacked the judgment in my life was quite simple. Instead of allowing my mind to tell me how bad the situation was, i just simply…….Observed it, ignoring the judgment my mind tried to create and just simply observed. After consistency my mind stopped creating all the obtuse, negative commentaries and I just again, simply observed situations for what they was, with no judgment.

As human beings, we all have one thing in common as a species. We have control over nothing else in this universe, except our own thoughts and our own actions………….The day we understand this as truth is the day we start finding peace within. 

  • Kyle Walker 03/02/2019 

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