A Personal Philosophy on life

Why do I believe we have to go through pain, trauma, war, depression and all of life’s catastrophes. My belief is this, to understand the true meaning of life, first we must understand destruction and its consequences, because without this understanding we can not perceive the opposite of the experience which will bring us all to the understanding that we are limitless beings connected by love and compassion. There is no segregation between species, sex, race, nationality we are all here for the same thing – love, compassion and collaboration, a collaboration to help each other create a better world for ourselves, each other and those we share this beautiful planet with. We have had to go through pain in our own lives to establish resilience and evolve, the pain and hurt has been necessary to transition towards the inevitable evolution of our species and in our own personal lives. Which will in turn evolve the collective consciousness of the planet and move us towards something beautiful and more sustainable for our lives on this huge ball of water and rock, filled with fire, suspended in space. This journey we call life is magical beyond descriptive words – The beginning is near. I believe without question there is a purpose for life on this earth.

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