TEDX Demo Result

I was honoured to be shortlisted and invited to the next stage of selection, the final one before the show. I presented a 5 min summary of my main talk in front of an audience and judges. 20 other speakers with brilliant intellect and knowledge, even up against doctors and professors. I’m very happy to announce I have been chosen to speak on the main show on the 14th of September in Lincoln. My talk will be based on –

Going beyond thought and delve deep into consciousness and we will establish a positive relationship with the voice we hear in our heads everyday, commentating on everything we see in the present moment. Layered all over our reality and dictating to us how we should be living our lives based on judgment, old therories and ideologies. The only thing that exists is a continual and instantaneous present moment. The moment we start making conscious decisions in the present, is the day we start creating our own reality. Finally I will show you who you truly are, the biggest question we can ask ourselves – who am I? Answered.

Very grateful for this staggering opportunity.

Big love

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