New Age Education

The principle is simple and must be engraved deeply into our minds: to master life first we must put aside money, a good position, a title, or a diploma but rather the transformation of your mind and character. 

Imagine the mind as a muscle that will naturally tighten up over time, unless it is consciously worked upon, what causes this tightening is two fold. 

First we generally prefer to entertain the same thoughts and ways of thinking as they provide us with a sense of consistency and familiarity. Sticking with the same methods also saves us a lot of effort, after all we are creatures of habit.

Secondly when ever we work hard at a problem or idea our minds naturally narrow their focus, because of the strain and effort involved. This means the further we progress on our creative tasks, the fewer alternative view points we tend to consider. 

We carry with us the habit of learning from books or teachers, which is largely unsuited for the practical, self-directed phase of life that comes after education. We tend to be somewhat socially naive and unprepared for the political games people play. Still uncertain as to our identity, we think that what matters in the work world is gaining attention and making friends. When in reality, it’s our creative uniqueness which is important.

When we was younger we used to look at the world and colours seemed more vibrant and alive, we had a powerful desire to turn everything around us into a game and to play with circumstance. This is what I call the “original mind” this looked at the world more directly, not through words and received ideas, it was flexible and receptive to new information. 

Retaining a memory of this original mind we surely can not help but feel nostalgic, for the intensity as to which we used to experience the world. We now see the world through a screen of words and opinions. Our prior experiences layered all over the present, colour what we see. We no longer look at things for what they are, not noticing there detail or wondering why they exist. Our minds gradually tighten up and we become defensive about the world we now take for granted and we become upset if our beliefs of assumptions are questioned.  

We must become dimensional with our thinking which has two essential requirements. 

  1. A high level of knowledge about a field or subject.
  2. The openness and flexibility to use this knowledge in new and original ways.              The knowledge that prepares to ground us in creative ability largely comes from a rigorous apprenticeship to which we master all the basics. Once the mind is free from having to learn these basics it can focus on personalised and more creative matters. The problems for us all is that the knowledge we gain in the apprenticeship phase, including numerous rules and procedures can slowly become a prison. It can lock us into certain methods and forms of thinking, that are one dimensional. Instead we must force our minds from conservative positions and make them more creatively active, then we will create a world full of cooperative geniuses. 

Kyle Walker – 19/02/2019 

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